Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Each gig holds a different type of person, so if you go to so many you can really tell the amusing contrasting differences, for example, the Placebo gig the other night had a disgraceful audience. I went because of the nostalgia induced by the memory of getting the CD when I was eleven. I did thoroughly enjoy it when they played "Every You And Every Me". The crowd however was just full of fucking idiots. It is quite unfathomable. It was also held in a terrible arena, the biggest venue in Glasgow, SECC.

My Bloody Valentine crowd was polar opposite, just appreciating the music properly, Broadcast in Stereo was also a totally different experience. I'm avoiding the SECC, unless something comes up like when the Pixies played.

The neighbours, well Maggie specifically put in an official complaint against us, well me specifically, I am definitely being singled out for persecution. I am almost positive my flatmate is just as bad, just comes across as the Golden Boy.

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  1. HAHAHAH! My mate only lasted a week in her room in some flating house thing, her last day is tomorrow, she getting evicted for noise! hahaha! Its fucking funny.