Tuesday, 8 December 2009

This weekend was INCREDIBLE. I never thought I'd love Butlins so much haha, honestly though, some of the towns in England are pretty shitty; they make some of the rough areas in Glasgow look quite nice, and Glasgow is called Stab City hah.

But yeah, when we first arrived we looked around - caravans on sale - if I had a caravan and could drive that would be fabulous. I could deal with being trailer trash.

There were three venues, both inside, not too big so it was very intimate and the crowd of people were very laid back, meaning it was quite simple to get to the front. Except for certain things, you had to obviously be organised for Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine's first performance, the queue was insane. We didn't have a wristband for the first night, just the third because each person received a wristband for only one of the My Bloody Valentine performances due to capacity control and equal footing.

So when they played first night we stumbled across a cinema playing a strange black and white French film named "Mouchete". The film consisted of a young girl being rather promiscuous with an older man, her ill mother wasn't happy, the girl then heads to a field in search the older man who is shooting rabbits. Clearly depressed by the outcome, the girl runs to the lake and attempts suicide by rolling down the hill into the water, yet has a failed attempt. She then goes two metres further up hill to roll down for momentum, and thus dies. Now that is a French film.

Later, we wandered back into the venue and noticed MBV was accessible so we GOT IN. Went slightly crazy, oh fuck 15minutes of pure NOISE, everyone put their earplugs in haha. It amused me.

Acts we saw were;

Wounded Knees,
Josh T.Pearson
J.Mascis and the Fog
No Age
Fucked Up
Yo La Tengo
Primal Scream
Pains of Being Pure at Heart
My Bloody Valentine
Sonic Youth
De La Soul
The Horrors (Sonic Youth were right after)
School Of Seven Bells
Sun Ra Arkestra
A Place to Bury Strangers
Television Personalities
The Pastels

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