Monday, 2 November 2009

Oh jesus the boiler in my flat exploded the other day, it was very crazy indeed. I just twisted some knob slightly to increase the pressure 'cause there's a leak. Then it burst. I freaked out like some bastard girl and screamed down the phone to my stepsister absolute nonsense. It flooded Craigs room a bit, well a lot. I managed to twist the bastard back on eventually but the damage was done. It's probably a good thing Craig is away at sea right now so the room can dry out. However, I guess if he was here it would never have happened haaa.

My friend is doing a plastic surgery nursing placement at the moment, I'm rather envious. Watching people's faces getting cut up just entirely appeals to me, haaa, I kid. No I am not kidding, I am jealous. However she said she was still hungover from the other night, so she felt like regurgitating her internal organs all over the surgeons during the process. Future of the NHS baby!

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