Wednesday, 18 November 2009

It's is the French Film Festival at the Glasgow film theatre, sounds completely pretentious but whatever, I fucking love foreign films. They are always a bit different, as you might say. The last two I have seen have involved some form of incest ahaha.

Mother actually purchased me the strangest film for Christmas called "Lovesick", It's a Bulgarian film about a girl who has gone to college, then ends up getting it on with this other girl who is actually having an incestuous relationship with her brother! Thanks mum, you're great. No really, thanks, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Then last one I watched with Craig, heh, he had no idea what was coming for him. Was a French film called "Ma Mere", it involved this young guy moving in with his mother because his father was recently deceased. His mother is some Madame who enjoys watching her son get it on with her prostitutes haha, my descriptive methods are perfect.. sure. Basically at the end the mother dies and he goes in to view the body, then starts masturbating, haaaaa. Craig was pretty much scarred for life, see French film festival! Can't wait. I plan to watch a film called "The Mother & The Whore", sounds sexy.

To be honest, I think world cinema involves subjects that are unacceptable in mainstream, conformist theatre, that's why I am partial.

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