Saturday, 8 January 2011

Is it just me, or is there an increased number of dating agency advertisements appearing on television in January? E-harmony; "We will match you with compatible singles, join us and find out why we're different!"

As far as I am concerned, the intentions of these advertisements are overtly conspicuous. The celebratory period is over, the overindulgence in food and alcohol has somewhat ceased (well as much as can ever be in "Booze Britain"). People during this caliginously morose winter month are feeling vulnerable without the distractions of festive parties. In all likelihood, many will have been subjected to the pestering of family members, the expectations of life; the stage of partnership and reproduction thrust upon them.

The reality of life has returned and the mating call is imminent. E-Harmony and know this. Those wily old foxes.

I enjoy analysing advertisements in disgust.

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