Saturday, 15 May 2010

Neglect isn't a very nice word. Although I must use it to describe my recent behaviour to this blog; my sort of measly excuse is the fact I had fucked off to Australia for a bit to see my sister who currently lives there.

Australia was nice, I would have liked to visit New Zealand too but unfortunately my funding is pathetic at the moment.

I am very partial to snakes and well any animals in general. I think my love for other creatures is compensating for my misanthropy. Sort of balancing it all out really hah.

Gutted I missed Dinosaur Jr, although sacrifices must be made. I like the laid-back nature of Australia, couldn't really see myself living there though. I prefer European culture, each country is so different, each individual area within a country in Europe can vary drastically. I like that changeable nature, mixes it up a bit. If I lived in Berlin the prospect of getting on a train to a neighbouring country is easily available. Whichever neighbouring country it is will contrast largely to the lifestyle you'd have adapted to. Change is good. I'm probably very partial to change because I've seen people live their lives rotting away on the island I grew up in. Routine, monotony, gossip, philistine behaviour. If you travel, you mix with different races, cultures, social norms. Only helps create a less ignorant, less prejudicial personality.

My infatuation with owls will live on forever. Alright that's a bit of a hyperbole, it will live until I inevitably die.

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