Thursday, 4 February 2010

...talking about The Three Faces of Eve and personality disorders in general, I think the human psyche is so fascinating. I think psychology is the easiest thing in the world to study.

I wrote mother's essay the other week. Yes, now I know where I get my procrastination from, I love the fact she paid me to do her work for her. If she gets a good mark I want an extra tenner.

I think Shetland is such a strange place, strange, strange, strange. Small towns in general, my gahd, not for me. It's never a good thing when you have a small select group of people mixing together, it breeds ignorance. So strange how lives here are so intertwined as well, even when I'm down in Glasgow I hear shit about people I don't know doing shit they probably never did in the first place. I've noticed with myself I am always attracted to the persecuted, I generally favour those hated.

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